Maurice G. Faucette Latest Release is A Gripping Fusion of Wit, Wisdom and Political Experiences

Renowned author Maurice G. Faucette uncovers his latest masterpiece, “I Was Warned Not to Publish this Book? Is The Word Processor Mightier Than The H-Bomb?”. A mind-changing collection comprising essays, letters, and poems that entwines personal reflections, social commentary, and political insights into an exploration of critical societal issues.

Faucette’s book begins with an open letter to President Biden that presents concerns regarding the Democratic Party’s approach toward black voters. Referencing the 16th Congressional District, Facuette sheds light on his discontent with Democratic representation and illuminates issues of homeless shelters.

A significant portion of the text draws readers into the legal case for reparations, connecting it to the historical injustices faced by African descendants. Faucette proposes grants to Black America, accompanied by a healthy skepticism about the distribution process. Faucette, in his letters, offers alternatives, such as endowing Black colleges or providing interest-free mortgages.

Faucette induces the concept of being “Americans 1st” as a potential solution to societal problems, emphasizing the detrimental impact of division and manipulation. A call to heal hatred in people’s hearts resonates throughout his book, enabling a shift of perspective to prevent recurring issues.

Shedding light on discrimination, Faucette addresses the challenges faced by Black FBI agents and recounts personal experiences at XEROX. The author proudly shares his involvement in addressing discrimination issues, highlighting his role as the President of the Northeast Region (Black) Caucus Group. The book also advocates for urban development, proposing tenant organizing and federal buyouts to ensure communities benefit from gentrification.

“I Was Warned Not to Publish this Book! Is The Word Processor Mightier Than The H-Bomb?” offers an account of crucial social issues shaped by Faucette’s personal insight and experiences. The book reflects his passion for addressing social and political issues, along with personal struggles, combining personal reflections, political commentary, and historical analysis in one book.

About the Author:

Author Maurice G. Faucette, a Harlem native, grew up in the challenges of the Great Southern migration. Born to a mother from Alabama and a father from Durham, NC, Maurice’s early life was influenced by the teachings of Malcolm X. Raised by his hardworking mother in a Harlem tenement with five siblings, Maurice faced challenges but developed resilience and a love for sports.

Despite early academic struggles, Faucette graduated with a B.S.C. in Business and a minor in Mathematics. Turning down lucrative opportunities, he returned to Harlem to support his family, working at Xerox Corp and realizing childhood dreams of providing a better life.

Maurice’s commitment extends beyond his career. Actively engaged in community service, he served as CEO and board member of the West Harlem Community Organization collaborated with Rev. Calvin O. Butts III in “New Voices for Harlem,” and founded the South Harlem Reds Baseball Program, mentoring countless inner-city youth.

Maurice G. Faucette’s riveting book ‘’I Was Warned Not to Publish this Book! Is The Word Processor Mightier Than The H-Bomb?’’ is available on all platforms. Get your copy now!

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