Bespoke Plush, LLC Files Charges Against BIG GAMES MANAGEMENT LLC

Bespoke Plush, LLC today announced it has filed criminal charges against BIG GAMES MANAGEMENT LLC, its principals, employees, and attorney for fraud, criminal intimidation, extortion and abusive and derogatory comments against ( Judiciary) and racial discrimination which are all Non bailable and cognizable offenses.

According to police documents, Bespoke Plush entered into a agreement with BIG GAMES MANAGEMENT LLC in October 2022( formerly Big Games LLC) to produce plush toys based on characters from the popular online game Pet Simulator X. Under the terms of the agreement. 

The said company Big games LLC owes $467k until end of July 2023 to Bespoke Plush LLC for services rendered and not including any loss of opportunity, loss of revenue or the damages.  

The attorney on record for BIG GAMES LLC while arbitrating with my lawyers dissolved the entity BIG GAMES LLC and created a new company under the name: BIG GAMES MANAGEMENT LLC to get rid of the liabilities but was successful in transferring the assets to the new entity and then completely ghosted us and our constant effort to get paid has fallen on deaf ears. It is either both the assets and liabilities carry over or none.

The said company BIG GAMES MANAGEMENT LLC and their law firm Chamblee Ryan ( hitmen/goons from company called Stellar Konsulting (acknowledged in writing about hiring Stellar Konsulting) and begun making harassing phone calls and used the most vulgar language and demanded $50,000 USD and threatened to file a false copyright lawsuit and threatened to kill while using the most abusive language towards the Honorable judiciary of India and the courts.  

“We were shocked and dismayed to discover that we were the victims of an elaborate fraud and criminal conspiracy perpetrated by BIG GAMES MANAGEMENT LLC,” said C Krishna Chaitanya, CEO of Bespoke Plush LLC. “They stole over $467k from us under false pretenses, and we intend to vigorously pursue them in criminal and civil court to recover damages.”

Bespoke Plush has alerted federal law enforcement authorities about the actions of BIG GAMES MANAGEMENT LLC. The company is also pursuing civil litigation to recover the funds from BIG GAMES MANAGEMENT LLC intent to cheat. 

Bespoke Plush, LLC is a manufacturer of custom plush toys and gifts. The company has been in business since 2015 and has over 120 employees. BIG GAMES MANAGEMENT LLC ( is a Texas-based company that fraudulently acquires services and products without payments from unsuspecting companies.

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